About Gaatha

Gaatha is a unique audio platform where you will find stories, poetries, kids’ stories, spiritual and Motivational stuff all in audio form. You can enjoy listening all interesting content of your choice while finishing up your daily chores. Now time shortage will never be the hindrance for you to enjoy literature.

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You can enjoy listening to Gaatha Stories on the web using your laptop/desktop

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We are on iOS platform. So, you can enjoy listening to Gaatha on your iPhone.

Know More

Gaatha is an unique initiative which brings back Indian literature in audio form for all age groups using latest technologies (ike Artificial intelligence and machine learning). In this initiative.
Gaatha’s vision is to put rich heritage of indian literature on the map of prominent international audio platforms.
Gaatha will provide a platform to all those who enjoy different forms of Indian literature such as stories, poetries etc. but because of busy lifestyle or sometime scarcity of resources, are not able to enjoy it otherwise. Although most of the literature is available on internet, it is scattered and hence finding and sorting is really tough.